Each Conwood product is with world-class quality.

Pioneer in design

We work together with an international design team composed of senior designers from Italy, Japan and China. Their inspiration is derived from the fashion capitals of Milan, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.

Cutting-edge technology

We have established three major R&D and manufacturing centers in Japan, Thailand and China, where we use international production lines for the manufacturing of high-quality products. Our centers handle the whole process from design, manufacturing and quality control until a finished product.

Quality management system

Our products are made under strict quality inspection in accordance with the international standard before officially launching on the market, adopting international advanced high-precision inspection equipments for 6 major steps to ensure high-quality and safety.


Established in Shanghai, with more than 10 years of consistently continuous efforts.


Conwood creates innovatively designed products to provide a fantastic travel experience. The brand stands for going back to the essence of life and sharing happiness and moments with the people you care about. Conwood integrates this concept into product design, R&D and manufacturing.


German Bayer PC layer

Industrial hip-hop style


Solid PC alloy material

Collection exclusive for leisure travel

With continuous innovation in product design, material and product features, we integrate fashion elements to make unique and fashionable luggage.


We stick to the principles of making products with high-quality raw materials and first-class manufacturing processes, we also provide perfect after-sale services.


We create sophisticated luggage in an optimistic attitude which makes each journey full of happiness.





150 own luggage stores across the country


Convenient online purchase from the Internet


3 year warranty on manufacturing defects


24 hours of online customer service